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Using Keynote for classroom presentations

A fellow catechist shared her method of presenting slides via Keynote on her iphone. It is fairly easy. Download the Keynote app to your iphone and then add your content. The user can create a PowerPoint-based presentation on a desktop/laptop, save it on the Icloud and then add it to keynote. To make it manageable, I created a folder in my Icloud titled "Catechism Resources." I then add my content to this folder. It can be Powerpoint, images, videos, etc. The content can then be easily located to add to the Keynote application. The user, then connects the device to the classroom projector either wirelessly through bluetooth, wifi, or directly with cable. The images can then be displayed from your iphone to the projector. A nice way to have engaging lessons with students without carrying around a laptop. Presentations can also be created and modified on keynote. I lug my projector and laptop with me to class since the classroom I am assigned to once per week does not have a projector. I use my iphone hotspot to connect to the internet. It works nicely but this is an excellent option.

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