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Resurrection, Easter, Sunday

As I reflect upon Holy Week, I am filled with hope for our Church and for the world! Each event at our Saint Barbara Parish was filled with memorable moments.

On Holy Thursday, receiving our last Holy Eucharist until it is time again to receive our Lord again at the Easter Vigil. Watching Pastor Dan and the other Friars wash the feet of twelve faithful is a reminder of the humility we show to others. We are here to serve and not to be served.

On Good Friday, seeing a woman weep as we arrived at the twelfth Station of the Cross - Jesus dies on the Cross - as she reached for her sleeve to wipe away her tears. I handed her a napkin I found in my purse and that brief exchange let us both know we are one in Christ - we never stand alone. We are here to help wipe away the tears during times of sadness and also celebrate the many joys of life together.

Then again on Good Friday, as we expressed our reverence to the Cross, watching the hands reach for the cross, we help it make its journey to its place at the front of the altar reminding us again how much we are connected one to the other.

On Easter Sunday, we were all gathered once again to receive Jesus through the Holy Eucharist and as I listened to Father Joe remind us we are all brought together during this moment and time because of this divine and human man Jesus, the Messiah, who gave his life so that we could die in sin and then resurrect again with Jesus with new life through our own sacrament of Baptism.

I am so grateful for all my brothers and sisters in God and for giving me this opportunity to share these experiences with my own grandchildren. One God forever and ever, through the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

He has Risen, yes He has!

In the spirit of God's intermediaries, St. Francis and St. Clare, I pray for all of us to be united always in God. Please show me the way dear God!

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