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Passion (Palm) Sunday

After a beautiful Palm Sunday Mass, I sit here thinking about God's amazing plan for us. He loves us so much he gave his only son Jesus for the cleansing of our sins. Jesus poured out all of himself for us. Even when we sin, Jesus loves us. Jesus sacrificed his life so that we could all be saved to live with him forever.

I often think of the many angels that have come into my life. I call them my wingless angels who are friends, family members, and often times strangers who say something or do something that gives me hope during daunting times. It is God working on all of us to tell us "don't be afraid, everything will be alright, you never walk alone." We never know when a simple hello or smile or a few simple words will impact someone and perhaps even change the trajectory of someone's life. They are invisible acts to us that are very visible to those who are being transformed by these acts. God revealed himself through Jesus so that we would have access to his invisible self and his invisible acts.

We are always surrounded by unconditional love. In reading about St. Francis who followed Jesus' example to love and serve others, there is this passage that resonated with me, "Nothing and no one we encounter is left untouched by the Franciscan spirit. People should know they have a friend when we are present."

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