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How do we spend our day?

My IFIT fitness trainer, Tommy Rivers Puzey, went through a serious illness a couple of years ago. He was very close to succumbing to a rare form of cancer. By the Grace of God, he pulled through this very rough chapter of his life. He lost over 75 pounds during his illness and little by little, he was able to get back his weight and return to training. He once came in 16th place in the Boston Marathon (before cancer). Tommy calls this his B.C. days. Now he is able to train by sharing walking videos through IFIT. He also uses his time with those he is coaching to share words of wisdom. His new series is called Road to Recovery. I believe we can all be uplifted by Tommy's story.

Dr. Thomas Rivers Puzey, also known as Tommy Rivs, is a professional ultra-runner, accomplished marathoner, speaker, iFit trainer, physical therapist (DPT), husband to Stephanie Puzey, and father of three girls.

Below is a clip from one of his recent sessions. Enjoy.

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