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A story of conversion

A few days ago I was searching YouTube to watch Bishop Barron's Daily Gospel for the week. In looking for the sermon, I found this video by Dr. John Bergsma. As happens often, the video started playing before I could continue my search for the video I was seeking.

As I began listening, Dr. Bergsma caught my attention with the title and description of his story. He tells us about the three major reasons he became Catholic.

His story is about his conversion from being a Pastor of a Protestant Church and theologian of Christianity focused on Calvinist beliefs (John Calvin (1509-1564)). Calvin is quite simply the benchmark by which the rest of Protestant Theology is defined. Taking this into consideration, Dr. Bergsma's conversion to Catholicism is both interesting and inspiring. It served as a reminder as why we chose to serve the Lord in the faith and traditions of Catholicism. I post this with Love for all our brothers and sisters regardless of faith.

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